Cheryl Sweeney

My husband and I just built our home and we went through Kitchen Krafters for our cabinets. As for our granite, we went through someone else and boy! what a debacle! My dream kitchen turned into a nightmare. The cabinets were beautiful ( Kitchen Krafters went far beyond in customer service) but the granite guy, (Oy vay) it was like Barney Ruble and Fred Flintstone came in and chiseled the heck out of it! Really, they did! Just to let you know, Kitchen Krafters does not do business with Fred and Barney. I was so upset and disappointed in the granite that Wendy and Betsy (from Kitchen Krafters) came in to look at the mess. Right away they called the granite company they do business with and within three weeks my granite was taken out and replaced. I have my dream Kitchen back Thanks to Wendy and Betsy at Kitchen Krafters. Oh! And the cabinets are stunning too!

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